29 April 2008

Social Bookmarks Control

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This control provides any easy way to social bookmarking in AC7 store. A Social Bookmark is the URL entry of a Web site in a shared list of user-created, Internet bookmarks. This is an increasingly popular method of classifying, locating, ranking, and sharing Internet resources. Bookmarked resources can be …

7 April 2008

Customers Who Bought This Also Bought … Control

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This control provides ‘Customers who bought this product also bought …’ feature for Ablecommerce 7x store. On a product page this control shows the products that were bought along with this product by the same customer.
The control provides some properties to enable/disable certain features or to change …

4 April 2008

Report for Customers by Product’s Sku

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This report enhances the AbleCommerce reporting by providing means to view customers based upon a Sku. This report lists the user name, email, first name, last name and order information for all the customers who have bought some specific Sku.
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