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This control provides the ability to show the recently bought products by customers. This control provides some properties as well to enable or disable certain features or to change the layout of control. You can place this control any where on the store end. This control is using the styles from the AbleCommerce stylesheet means it will work with all current standard themes of AbleCommerce 7.x. without any style modification.

Download Recently Bought Items Control [Screen Shots]

How to deploy and configure the Recently Bought Items control?

After downloading extract the and do the steps explained below.

  1. Copy the ItemBought.ascx and ItemBought.ascx.cs files and paste them in the ConLib Indeed, pisces horoscope today and Sagittarius are both Mutable signs, flexible, and always on the move. folder.
  2. Now you can use it like any other control in the ConLib folder. For example edit the Shopping Bar 1 scriptlet in the sidebar and put the following line of code at the end of scriptlet.


  3. You can use different properties in order to administer the control. Please read the next section for exposed properties of control.

Recently Bought Items control’s properties

Caption: You can use this property to set the Caption text for the control

 [[ConLib:ItemBought Caption="Some Caption"]]

MaxItems: This property is used to set how much items you want to show in the control. The default value is 5 . Let”s suppose if you want to show 3 items then

 [[ConLib:ItemBought MaxItems="3"]]

Orientation: This property controls the way you want to show your items in horizontal or vertical direction. You can specify two values HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL for it. The default is HORIZONTAL.

Columns: This property specifies the number of columns the default value is 3.

ShowAddToCart: This is a boolean type property used to enable disable the AddToCart link with item. In order to enable the AddToCart Link you have to provide True and to disable provide False. The default value is True.

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Mar 28, 2008
1:28 pm
#1 Judy Estep :

Thanks, you just saved me a chunk of time. It was one of the requirements for a site I’m starting on next week.

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