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This report enhances the AbleCommerce reporting by providing means to view customers based upon a Sku. This report lists the user name, email, first name, last name and order information for all the customers who have bought some specific Sku.

Get Source Files

How to deploy and configure the Report?

After downloading, extract the file and do the following steps

  1. Move the CustomersBySku.aspx file to the Website/Admin/Reports/ folder.
  2. Edit the Website/Admin/menu.sitemap file and locate the following line of code
    <siteMapNode title="Browser Popularity" url="~/Admin/Reports/PopularBrowsers.aspx" />

    And put the following line just below it

    <siteMapNode title="Customers By Sku" url="~/Admin/Reports/CustomersBySku.aspx" />
  3. Now edit the Website/Admin/breadcrumbs.sitemap file and locate the following line of code
    <siteMapNode url="~/Admin/Reports/CustomerHistory.aspx" title="Customer History" />

    and put the following line below it

    <siteMapNode url="~/Admin/Reports/CustomersBySku.aspx" title="Customers By Sku" />
  4. Now you can access this report from the Admin side in the Reports->Customers menu item.

Screen Shots

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