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In an earlier post we blogged about custom fields UI for products in AbleCommerce merchant admin. It helped merchants easily define custom fields for their products. However a lot of merchants also want the ability to have custom fields for categories. Keeping this in view we are posting a new add-on that will allow managing custom fields for categories also.

Get Category Custom Fields UI for AbleCommerce here

How to Use

  • On the category edit page you will see a new button “Custom Fields”. On clicking “Custom Fields” you will be taken to a page where you can add/edit/delete custom fields for the current category.
  • Custom fields are specific to the category they are defined form. They are not online casinos shared or inherited by other categories or products
  • The values of the custom fields set can be accessed in many ways depending on the application and your custom needs.
  • An example of how to display the category custom fields is included as a ConLib control. You can use the control on a category page scriptlet as follows
    This will display the custom fields associated with the category. You can have a look at the code inside this control to see how category custom fields are accessed if you need more advanced customization.
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