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What do you do when you want to show some links, like related sites or favorites, on the sidebar of your AbleCommerce store? Code the links directly in your scriptlets?

Well you don”t need to do that anymore. Now you can fully mange your links from your AbleCommerce merchant admin and use them anywhere in your store using our free Links Box Control.

This control allows you to display links from any category in your store. All you need to do is to let this control know from which category to load the links and it will load all the links and display them where you want.

For example ¬†create a category in your store, say “My Sidebar Links”. You may want to keep the category hidden if you don”t want it to appear in your normal catalog hierarchy in your store. Add your desired links to this category and then use our new Links Box casino online Control to display them anywhere in your store.

You can use the Links Box Control in your scripts as follows

[[ConLib:Plugables\LinksBox CategoryId="40" Caption="Favorite Sites"]]<br />

You can skin display of the links the way you like. Here is an example of how links may look in your sidebar.


You can download the free Links Box Control from here


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