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When customers visit your store it is very important for you to let your customers know what special offers you have for them before they leave your store for a competitor who is giving more visibility to the special offers he is making.

If you are offering discounts would you not want to let your customers know the fact immediately? Would you not like to let them know proactively which products you are offering discounts on instead of waiting for them browse to the product page to figure out the discounts on offer?

In AbleCommerce 5 there used to be the feature to display product specials in your store, however, in AbleCommerce 7, this feature does not exist out-of-the-box. You may find some scattered code in forums that you can patch up and build this feature on your store. You don’t need to go through this hassle anymore. Here I am sharing the free Special Offers add-on for AbleCommerce that you can just put in your ConLib folder and start using it in your scriptlets. You can get the Special Offers add-on from here.

Here is a brief documentation of usage and features of the Special Offers conlib control.


Installation is simple. Just unzip the downloaded file to ConLib folder of your AbleCommerce store.


Use the New Products ConLib control in your scriptlets as follows


There are a number of parameters that can be used with Product Specials control. These parameters are described below.

  • Caption Title of the control. Possible values can be any string. Default value is “Product Specials“.
  • ColumnsCount Indicates that the grid will contain how many columns. Possible value can be any integer greater then zero. Default value is “3
  • PagingLinksLocation Indicates the location of paging links. Possible values can be ‘BOTTOM’, ‘TOP’ or ‘TOPANDBOTTOM’. Default value is “BOTTOM
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Nov 17, 2010
3:41 pm

This is a great plugable for AbleCommerce. Owners are always looking for more ways to customize the installation and a special offers area is a great way to do that.

Feb 7, 2011
10:18 pm
#2 Lance :

Hi, how does this control determine if a product is on special or not?

Author Feb 16, 2011
6:59 am
#3 Admin :

Special products are the ones which have special pricing rules defined. Please have a look at the ‘Product Rules’ menu in left sidebar on edit product page in merchant admin.

Mar 31, 2012
1:35 am


Thanks for your free pluggables, much appreciated.

Only trouble is… I don’t know how to follow this instruction: “Installation is simple. Just unzip the downloaded file to ConLib folder of your AbleCommerce store.”

Do you mean this:
http://www.audiobooks.co.nz/Admin/Website/Scriptlets/ConLibHelp2.aspx, which is the path when I’m displaying the all the ConLib modules available to me. I suspect it’s not, but don’t know how to access the right folder on my site.

Would appreciate your help

Yours sincerely

Stephen Barrett

Author Mar 31, 2012
7:39 am
#5 Admin :

The ConLib directory is in your store home. [home directory for http://www.audiobooks.co.nz]/ConLib

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