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This control provides any easy way to social bookmarking in AC7 store. A Social Bookmark is the URL entry of a Web site in a shared list of user-created, Internet bookmarks. This is an increasingly popular method of classifying, locating, ranking, and sharing Internet resources. Bookmarked resources can be ranked by the number of users who have bookmarked them. The Social Bookmarks control supports some famous sites providing the social bookmarking facility. The control will give the user ability to social bookmark any AC7 page.

Note:- Social bookmarking can help you increase your sales. Traffic from social bookmarking services can really give your site a huge boost in traffic, delivering thousands of visitors to your site within a few hours. While the initial effects are very temporary, if you give people a reason to come back you’ll certainly notice a positive cumulative effect.

Download Social Bookmarks Control

How to deploy and configure the Social Bookmarks Control?

After downloading extract the and do the steps explained below.

  1. Copy the SocialBookmarks.ascx file and paste it in the ConLib folder.
  2. Copy the bookmarks folder and paste in the images folder of current theme.
  3. Now you can use it like any other control in the ConLib folder. For example edit the Home Page.htm scriptlet in the contents and put the following line of code at the end of scriptlet.


  4. You can use different properties in order to administer the control. Please read the next section for exposed properties of control.

Social Bookmarks Control’s properties
PostUrl: This is read only property and returns the URL of current page.

PostTitle: The post title for the book mark entry.

WebsiteUrl: This is read only property and returns your Website URL.

ImagePath: This is read only property and returns the path of images folder for this control.

Show Prefixed Properties: There are a number of properties prefixed with word Show. You can use these properties to Show/Hide the social site icons as per your need. For example in order to hide the DZoneLink you can use ShowDZoneLink=”false” .
[Screen Shot]

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Jun 30, 2008
10:08 am
#1 Alex Greg :

Great tool but if I use URL rewrite?

Jun 30, 2008
10:44 am
#2 Alex Greg :

Please change the code for to :
_FurlLink = “” + GetImage(“Furl.png”) + ““;

Also you can find more sample URLs here:

Jun 30, 2008
11:25 am
#3 Alex Greg :

Also change the linik to :
_BlinklistLink = “” + GetImage(“Blinklist.png”) + ““;

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